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Because we have worked on a wide variety of buildings we understand the special needs of different types of buildings.  For instance, a library or classroom needs lighting that is uniform, with low glare and is directed so that people reading neither have light shinning in their eyes, nor shadows on what they are reading.  A retail store requires lighting that highlights the goods that are offered.  There needs to be five times as much light on the merchandise as on the aisles.

The following represents a wide mix of projects and provides an overview of our building experience.

Cotati Intermodal Facility, Cotati, California
Electrical design of 1,600 s.f. building to initially serve as dial-a-ride call center, and then serve as a commuter train station in the future.

Elevator Renovation, Kaiser Hospital, Sacramento, California
Five 30 year old elevators were renovated and the installation brought up to code.  This involved separation of hospital equipment branch from other circuits, fire alarm modifications including elevator recall on lobby smoke, and elevator power trip on operation of heat detectors in elevator equipment room or shaft, removal or separation of non-elevator related piping and electrical from elevator equipment room.


1 Church Street, Tucson, Arizona 
Electrical engineer responsible for 90% of the tenant improvements in this 23-story high-rise office building.  The work was accomplished over a 10-year period beginning in 1988.

Assisted Living Facility, Green Valley, Arizona 
Designed power, lighting, nurse call, and fire alarm systems for 24,000 s.f. addition to an assisted living facility doubling the size of the facility.

Rose Garden Senior Living Facility, Stockton, California
Electrical and public area lighting design for two apartment buildings with a total of 112 units.  Provision was made in the electrical system for photovoltaic panels on the roof.

Douglas Public Library, Douglas, Arizona
Electrical engineer for the conversion of a 14,000 s.f., 1950's retail building into a modern municipal library with university extension classrooms.  Advantage was taken of the high ceilings to provide low glare, energy-efficient lighting.  Use of indirect metal halide fixtures resulted in a lower fixture count than if conventional fluorescent lights were used.  This resulted in an electrical construction cost significantly below average for a library.
  Douglas Public Library

Sierra Vista City Hall Lobby, Sierra Vista, Arizona 
Project manager and electrical engineer for redesign of existing lobby which had inefficient workspaces, a 28-foot high ceiling and poor lighting.  The City designed and built new workspace partitions. Mr. Burnside, with the assistance of an architect working under him, designed an indirect lighting system, supplemented by lighting supported from the office partitions.  The indirect lighting was designed so that it could be maintained from lobby balconies without causing glare for people using the balconies.

Sierra Vista Library, Sierra Vista, Arizona
Electrical engineer for a new $3.7 million, 31,900 s.f. building.  The electrical designed included modular underfloor wiring systems in the book stack and reading areas in order to accommodate future computer terminals and to allow relocation of the book stacks.  The lighting system in the stack and reading areas was designed to utilize indirect lighting for general ambient illumination, with stack and table mounted task lighting for book selection and reading.  This promoted visual comfort and reduced the power usage of the facility.

  Midway Elementary School, Socorro, New Mexico 
Electrical engineer for design of new elementary school replacing existing school on site.  Pre-fabricated metal building construction was used to provide an attractive, functional, yet economical facility which presented unique lighting challenges.  Type MC cable was used in lieu of wire in conduit as a cost saving measure.

Rose Elementary School, Tucson Unified School District, South Tucson, Arizona 
Electrical engineer for design of new school to replace existing run-down and inadequate facility.  Designed high efficiency lighting system with occupancy sensor control.

  Vocational Education Building, Socorro High School, Socorro New Mexico
Electrical design of an 18,000 sf vocational education facility. Half was an existing building that was gutted and rebuilt. The other half was new construction added on to the existing building. The existing electrical service equipment for the school was extremely hazardous. The project included replacing it with a new switchboard with adequate short circuit ratings, dead front construction and lockable doors.
Advantage was taken of the LED technology, which had recently become available to provide presence/photocell sensor to turn lights on when someone approached the building at night. This not only reduced energy consumption, but also made it obvious to anyone in the area when someone approached the building at night.

Northwest Community Center, Tucson, Arizona
Design of electrical systems for an 8,000 s.f. addition and renovation of an existing 12,000 s.f. community center.  The project included lighting and power for an outdoor performance area.

Angiogram Facility, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Tucson, Arizona
Designed systems to provide electrical requirements for new angiogram facility.

RV Park Clubhouse, Sierra Vista, Arizona
Designed electrical and lighting systems for an RV park clubhouse.  Budget was a major consideration.

Retirement Community Clubhouse, Bakersfield, California

Designed electrical and lighting systems for high end retirement community.

Hall Hotel Renovation, Magdalena, New Mexico
Electrical design of renovation of historic hotel built in 1917 to serve as retail shops and apartments.  Care was taken to maintain the historic features of the building.

Social Hall Remodel, St. Cyril’s Catholic Church, Tucson, Arizona 
Existing social hall at a large church was expanded and modernized to serve current needs.


  Luna Theater Rehab, Clayton, New Mexico 
Project consisted of rehabilitating a movie theater originally built in 1916 and remodeled in the 1930’s. It is believed to be the oldest movie theater still operating in the US. Emphasis was on repairs to prevent further deterioration and correct unsafe conditions. The project was done on a strictly limited budget. Some parts of the electrical system had to be completely replaced.

New Police Station, Sierra Vista, Arizona
Electrical engineer for design of new police station.  Facility included 911 call center with an uninterruptible power supply, an emergency generator, holding cells, Intrusion detection and security cameras, public address system, and fire alarm system.


Social Security Administration, National Hearing Center Tenant Improvement Albuquerque,
New Mexico

This 8300 sf office occupies half of the 4th Floor of the Albuquerque Plaza high rise. Design was done in accordance with very specific GSA standards.

New Fire Station, Surprise, Arizona

Electrical Engineer for design of fire station for small town.  Facility included audio and strobe alarms to wake firemen, and automatic opening of doors in the event of an alarm.

Gila Chapel Renovation, Florence, Arizona
Electrical design of renovation of chapel and associated buildings built as a mission in 1870.  Modern lighting was provided in fixtures consistent with the historic nature of the building.  In addition power outlets were provided for display cases.  Care was taken to maintain the historic features of the building.

Energy Standards, Tucson Unified School District, Tucson, Arizona
Prepared design standards for electrical work as related to energy conservation for $400 million bond program to upgrade existing schools and build new schools.  Performed technical and economic analyses that resulted in the incorporation of reasonable illumination levels, electronic ballasts with T8 lamps, and occupancy sensors into the standard. This technology, which is now standard, represented a radical departure in Southern Arizona in the late 1980’s.

Electrical Plans Examination, Tucson, Arizona
Contracted with City of Tucson to perform electrical plans examination for commercial buildings when City staff was overloaded. Close attention was paid to items that represented significant safety hazard or would be difficult to correct if initially constructed wrong.  This included service and feeder capacity, short circuit ratings, and working space for electrical equipment.


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