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Mars Burnside Engineering is experienced in the design of photovoltaic systems,
both stand-alone and grid tied.


The following are some of our projects:


Photovoltaic Systems, Loomis Union School District, Loomis CA
Designed roof mounted and ground mounted grid-tied photovoltaic systems for 25 buildings and ground mounted systems on 13 sites for a total of 820 kW. The designs complied with the 2013 California Electrical Code and the 2014 National Electrical Code and were reviewed and approved by the Division of the State Architect.


Stand-alone Photovoltaic System for Single Family Residence, Tucson, AZ
This project, completed in 1987 was Mars Burnside’s first photovoltaic project. It was a stand-alone system for a single-family residence that was not located near utility lines. Because inverters were not as well developed then as they are now, the lighting and many of the appliances were DC operated equipment made for RV’s.


Stand-alone Photovoltaic Systems for Park Lighting, Tucson, AZ
This project completed in 1992, demonstrated the feasibility of using photovoltaic lighting in areas of parks remote from commercial power. It was awarded the prestigious Engineering Excellence Award by the Arizona Council of Engineering Companies.


1,000 kW Photovoltaic System, Warmerdam Packing, Newman, CA
Designed the AC side of photovoltaic system utilizing four 250KW inverters connected to wall mounted fused disconnect switches to provide visible break switching that fed into two circuit breakers in the existing service switchboard.


Gathering Inn, Homeless Shelter, Roseville, CA
Designed a 7 kW grid-tied system for a homeless center. The 208V, single-phase AC inverter power was connected to existing terminals in a 120/208V, 3 phase multimeter service switchboard.

Stand-alone Photovoltaic System, Vasco Road Landfill, Livermore, CA
Designed a control panel with a small photovoltaic system to operate controls and start a small generator for intermittent operation of submersible recharge pumps.

Stand-alone Photovoltaic System, Newby Island Landfill, Milpitas, CA
Designed a control panel, with a small photovoltaic system to operate landfill recharge valves remote from commercial power source.




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