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Mars Burnside has been responsible for the design of 38 roadway lighting projects, 21 signalized intersections, and 12 sports lighting projects. Because of this experience, he understands the standards that apply to the various kinds of outdoor lighting.

Following are a sampling of projects for which Mr. Burnside has been responsible:

Veteran’s Memorial Overpass, Tucson, Arizona
$2.6 million project consisted of an arterial overpass over an expressway, a railroad, and a local street. Electrical design consisted of roadway lighting, parking lot lighting, and two signalized intersections. The intersections were odd shapes necessitating careful calculation of lighting to insure that adequate illumination was provided. Details were created to supplement Pima County’s standard details to accommodate the bridge structures. The design included complete schedules for traffic signal equipment, conduit and wire, and phasing diagrams for the signals. Autoscope video vehicle detection systems were specified.

Randolph Way Street Lighting, Tucson, Arizona
Designed street lighting in residential neighborhood adjacent to a park surrounded by a jogging path. Lighting the street was initially met with strong resistance by a neighborhood group. The lighting design was discussed in detail during neighborhood meetings, and residents were provided with examples of similar lighting installations so they could better understand how the new installation would appear. The lighting as installed meets residential roadway standards and the residents are pleased with the design as very little light shines into windows.

South Fourth Avenue Revitalization Project, South Tucson, Arizona
Designed street lighting and other electrical improvements for the conversion of this urban street to a pedestrian mall-like area. Instead of widening the street, the street was narrowed to three meandering lanes with parking provided on side streets. Landscaping in the form of trees and ground cover was included in the project. Restaurants were encouraged to use some of the newly available space for patio seating, and “pedestrian nodes” with benches were designed. Lighting was an important part of this project. High quality uniform lighting was needed to give the public the sense of security needed to make South Fourth a destination for local people as well as out-of-town visitors. Vertical lamp high pressure sodium fixtures were used throughout to give better uniformity than can be achieved with conventional cobra head luminaries, particularly on the wide pedestrian areas. Metal halide luminaries on shorter poles were used at the “pedestrian nodes” to give the lighting in those areas a different appearance, the white light contrasting with the orangish white of the high pressure sodium lamps.


Soccer Field Lighting, Contra Loma Regional Park, Antioch, CA
Provided electrical design for lighting for two soccer fields. The lighting consisted of a predesigned system furnished by Musco. Engineering consisted of voltage drop calculations, load calculations that verified the new loads could be added to the existing electrical service, and conduit and wiring design to accommodate both the power for the lighting and a CCTV system that was installed on light poles for security. The service was 1,000 feet from the soccer fields with much of the conduit bored to avoid disturbing existing infrastructure and sensitive natural areas.


Traffic Signals, S. Camino Seco and 22nd Street, Tucson, AZ
Designed new traffic signals and modifications and upgrades to existing traffic signals to extend Camino Seco south of 22nd Street into parking lot for St. Augustine Catholic High School.

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