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Mr. Burnside have been responsible for the electrical and control design of water, wastewater and industrial process facilities for more than 40 years on projects ranging from the original 150 MGD Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant to the recent Montano de Oro State Park Well project involving a 3/4HP and a 2 HP well pump and three tanks with
associated controls.


Mr. Burnside is registered as a Control System Engineer by exam as well as an Electrical Engineer. He took the exam to make the point that he is qualified for more than just the power side of electrical engineering. In 1982 he was one of the first to realize the potential of PLC’s (programmed logic controllers) for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).

The Following are a sample of the water and wastewater projects he has worked on:

Well SCADA, Metro Water District, Tucson, Arizona
Designed the installation of SCADA systems for six well sites. Systems communicated to the District’s existing SCADA system via spread spectrum radio.

Arsenic Removal Water Treatment Plant, Corcoran, California
Designed electrical systems for 14 MGD water treatment plant on six week fast-track schedule. The facility was needed to meet water quality requirements for a correctional facility. The facility received a Merit Award from the Consulting Engineers and Land Surveyors of California.

Marana Wastewater Treatment Plant, Pima County, Arizona
Responsible for electrical and control design for $2,000,000 treatment plant. Designed a PLC based control system with HMI (human machine interface) software on personal computers.

Lake Draper Water Treatment Plant, City of Oklahoma, Oklahoma
Performed electrical and control systems engineering for a project to increase capacity of from 90 mgd to 124 mgd. Project included both new facilities and modification of facilities dating back to the 1950's.

Effluent Pump Station, Dublin San Ramon Services District Wastewater Treatment Plant, Pleasanton, California
The facility consisted of three 250 hp and four 75 hp pumps, all powered by 18 pulse variable frequency drives (VFD), together with associated chemical feed equipment, analyzers, and level instrumentation. A 21 kV feeder from the existing service switchgear was designed to power the facility. The most challenging part of the project was detailing the refeeding of equipment that had been installed under various contracts over a 30-year period via duct banks and motor control centers that needed to be demolished to accommodate the new facility.

Roger Road Wastewater Treatment Plant, Generator Problems,
Tucson, Arizona.

Responsible for the design and commissioning of controls to parallel a new 400 KW generator with two existing 400 KW generators. System functioned as desired by the plant personnel. This work was done after the generator vendor was unable to achieve proper operation and involved creating as-built drawings of parts of the existing controls that had been extensively modified but not documented by the vendor’s field engineer.

Hazardous Area Code Compliance Study for the Roger Road Wastewater Treatment Plant, Pima County, Arizona.
Evaluated changes necessary to bring a 39-MGD facility, with systems dating from the 1940s, into compliance with NFPA 820 classification of areas in wastewater facilities having a potential for explosive amounts of flammable gases and vapors.

Sacramento Regional WastewaterTreatment Plant, Sacramento, California.
This project was completed 30 years ago but is included for relevance as it is the largest treatment plant in the area, and still Sacramento Municipal Utility District's largest customer. Responsible for electrical design for grass roots plant, including power, motor control and interface with digital control system and analog instrumentation. Power is distributed on the plant site via a dual 12 KV distribution system and then stepped down to 4.16 KV or 480 V at each process area.

Bumpless Power Transfer, Jones Island Wastewater Treatment Plant,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Designed and commissioned modifications to 12 kV circuit breaker controls to permit “bumpless” transfer of three 4,000 hp pumps between a utility power source and in house generators, and from in-house generators to a second utility source that is 30 degrees out of phase with the first source. Design included detailed schematics for circuit breaker controls. Work included a coordination and trip setting study to accommodate the new operations. Mr. Burnside designed the system so that all new components were mounted on a panel (piece of sheet metal) that could be shop assembled and wired, and then installed in the switchgear with a minimum of downtime. Mr. Burnside was on site, answering the few questions that came up during for the installation and testing without the need for time consuming RFI’s.

Copperstone Mine Mill, Quartzsite, Arizona
Responsible for design of controls for mill associated with a gold mine on a design build basis. Project included motors ranging in size from fractional horsepower to 700 HP. Worked directly with the electricians doing control work and placed purchase orders for pressure switches and other control components that are not normally stocked by electrical distributers.

Asturgold Gold Mine, Salave, Asturias, Spain
Responsible for on-going design of power and controls for above grade mill and underground crusher, with 132 kV substation and 6 kV feeder to underground facilities by others. All work is being done according to European standards; IEC equipment,
400 V, 50 Hz for low voltage motors, and 6000 V, 50 Hz for large motors.

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